United Silicon is a company in the silicon manufacturing industry, which is produced in the company´s Production Plant in Helguvik, where the first 32 MW electric arc furnace is located and produces silicon by melting quarts at 1900 degrees Celsius. The company supplies silicon to costumers mainly in the solar industry, the aluminum industry and the silicones industry, which ends up on more than 12.000 different end products sold all over the world.

Most people use silicon at least 3 times a day, when they brush their teeth in the morning (in toothpaste), when they wash their hair (in shampoo & balsam), use lotions (in most creams) and drive to work since there are silicones in all tires. Moreover we surround ourselves with silicones in our houses (in bathrooms and around all windows), our cars and the airplanes we fly in, since most finished aluminum materials are made as an alloy containing 2-10% silicon.